This Luxury Package includes:

  • Hair Extensions Shampoo suitable for all our hair types and especially good for slightly dry ends and product build up. Our shampoo restores moisture and gives your hair silkiness and manageability. Shampoo comes in 250ml.
  • Hair Extensions Conditioner for dry, stressed and tangled hair. In only 60 seconds your hair is repaired and stays treated for 60 hours. Our conditioner supplies your hair with in-depth moisture and protects against dehydration. The product comes in 250ml.
  • Shine Extend is ideal for all hair textures types and effective, creative styling techniques, our Shine Extend Spray helps you to model, separate, and accentuate each strand to suit your desired look. Even hours after application, your hair will stay wonderfully manageable and will have a natural shine. Vitamin B5 and Sorbitol strengthen and protect the hair and prevent moisture loss and its light-reflecting crystals give extensions additional shine and shimmer.
  • Fix and Finish Fixing Spray is for all hair textures. Our Fixing Spray is perfect for holding your preferred style in place. With a medium hold, this spray will leave your hair with flexible for you to brush out  with no struggle.
  • Argan OIl Serum is suitable for all hair types, our serum leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and will excite you with its magical shine and smooth effect. This oil is also suitable for your natural hair.
  • Curl Control Cream is perfect for achieving lasting curls. This cream is applied to the hair when damp, when hair is dry style with your preferred tool and watch how the curls last longer than ever!
  • Extension Boost is the  ideal deep treatment for dry, stressed and damaged or colour treated hair. Simply apply after shampooing the hair, towel dry hair and apply. Leave the product in for 1 hour and rinse, you may choose to leave it in overnight. When rinsed out your hair will feel lovely and soft just like its new again!




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Azite Luxury Aftercare Package


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