Kinki Straight
  • Can be coloured to whichever colour you like
  • Made with 100% Mongolian Hair
  • Mongolian hair is famous for holding curls
  • Kink pattern processed from Mongolian Hair
  • Blends in very well with African Hair
The best thing about this hair is that it is very soft in texture although it looks course. The soft texture means that it will not tangle and goes even soften when being washed. Once it dries the tight curls will look even prittier!
Another reason why this hair is perfect is because you can do a twist out with it just like you would with your natural hair! If you are looking for heat free hair this is perfect for you, because it blends in so well with your hair you will never have a problem blending your hair with the weave/wig.
Tips on how to style Kinki Straight Clip Ins
  • Clip them in and do twist out
  • Clip one or two where you want body or length
  • Ponytail or bun


10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24




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Kinki Straight Clip-In


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